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. federal agents have yet to question him but they say they will not read him his miranda rights first because the government is invoking a public safety exception. limited and focused interrogation of the suspect is allowed as evidence when there's a reasonable need to protect the public from immediate danger. >>> and from boston to big sur there's a link that ties monday's boston marathon to the big sur marathon which take place a week from tomorrow. along highway 1 between big sur and carmel, organizers were in potassium iodine when the explosions happened. as abc7 news reporter david louie explains, they are now preparing to beef up security. >> 400 runners in the boston marathon are part of an elite group that will do back-to-back 26-mile races. a week from sunday they will be running the big sur international marathon. the race director was near the finish line when the devices exploded. >> but knowing where it was and how many people were there and how crowded the area was, was, you know, kind of an immediate gut check reaction that this is not good. >> the tragedy could have ca
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1